Mini White Design

Fine-Tipped Paint Brush is a Friend

The Manor’s front courtyard is nine inches deep and 43 inches wide. The ground will be covered with ceramic tiles painted light gray and stippled with the Gotham Gray. Same thing for the quoins that decorate the corner edges of the house’s front. Those pieces are relatively easy to paint, as is the short courtyard wall and its finials.

The bugger came when painting the tiny and delicate muntin that goes into each of the 13 windows and six french doors, those strips of wood separating the panes of glass. Of course, these are fake. They don’t actually hold glass panes together. They fit over the glass to make it look like lots of panes.

Painted windows and French Doors! The oeil-de-boeuf dormers (need another coat of Behr’s Venetian plaster) go on the roof and add elegance (and authenticity) to the late-Seventeenth century manor.

The windows are tall; nine feet in real life (nine inches in the mini world), and the muntin makes it appear as though each one has 24 lights on the bottom section and 8 lights on the top section; one on the inside and outside of every window and french door. After painting them all, which makes the thin wood thicker, I had to carefully use an exact knife to get them to fit into the slots on the window frames and the paint over each joint. Whew! Glad that’s done!

The exterior has one coat of finger-troweled Venetian plaster. The second coat will go on soon. I’ve left the edges surrounding exterior windows, doors and quoins free of paint so the glue will stick to the wood when affixing those pieces into place. Same thing for where the exterior trim pieces will go.

I’ll need to paint all the ceilings before running electricity. The walls can be painted after the electrical wire tape is in place. Usually wallpaper is used to cover up the wire tape. If I use the prefabricated wall sections that match the furniture, instead of wallpaper, then I’ll need to paint over the wire tape and figure out how to camouflage it with furniture.

The second shipment of furniture arrived from China! See the photo at the top of the blog. There’s a small mark on the green fabric of the gold settee, so I’m going to see if they’ll replace the item.

Now it’s time to get everything in place and decide where lighting fixtures will go!!! Shopping for lighting fixtures can be nerve-racking… but fun… because you have to visual each room as it will look when completed, and how that room will coordinate with all other rooms. Yikes!

Deep breathe. Let’s go shopping! 

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