Evgeni Gordiets, Surrealist Painter

Apple and Cherry, 18″ x 24″.

Paintings to Live In

Ordinarily, I meet an artist whose work speaks to me, and I click with them on some level before writing them up on cre8-space.com. However, Evgeni Gordiets is at home in Pennsylvania while his art is on exhibit at the Arizona Fine Art Expo through the end of this month. He may show up in Scottsdale for the last two weeks of the Expo. If he does, I will crawl across the desert to meet him. Meanwhile,  his artwork is much, much too good to not show here… NOW!

“There is nothing in this world that makes more sense to me than the balance and beauty of nature,” Evgeni says on his website. “In my art, as in my life, I try to maintain this delicate process.”

Graceful. Elegant. Serene. Pure. In some of his works, Evgeni uses pointillism to create his sometimes soft, sometimes vibrant scenes… layering tiny dots on top of tiny dots.

Looking at his still life paintings brings about a peaceful feeling, as though our daily worries are wiped away by ruminating on Evgeni’s images. Seeing one painting is not enough. Having another and another to contemplate brings contentment, like the meditative trance of watching water flow easily over river rocks.

Scouted as child prodigy at the age of five, Evgeni grew up in the Ukraine and earned a Master’s of Fine Art degree from the State University of Fine Arts and his PhD in fine Arts from the State academy of Fine Art, both in Kiev. He was then a Professor of Art at the National Art University of the Ukraine.

His work has been compared to Monet, Magritte and Dali, but it has a magical tranquility and sunniness unique to Evgeni. His artwork has won many awards and can be found in museums and private collections worldwide. His marketing flyer says, “In 1991, his work was chosen for the cover of Christie’s Evening Auction catalog.”

IMG_3094 (1)

“Today, for me,” Evgeni says (on his marketing flyer), “life and painting are one. I have no desire to follow fashion; it has no value to me. In my art, the sea, the sky, woman and child are subjects of importance, eternity. In nature, I find a never-ending source of inspiration.”

Aksana and Paul, a local couple also originally from the Ukraine, are working in Evgeni’s booth at the Expo while he’s in Pennsylvania. Paul tells me they own several pieces of his artwork (lucky them!!!!) and are helping out in hopes of Evgeni and his art gaining recognition in Scottsdale.

He sure has my attention!!

Paul was kind enough to allow me to take a few photos, and I pulled others from Evgeni’s website, which is definitely worth a visit: http://www.EvgeniGordietsArt.com


Evgeni Gordiet’s booth at the Arizona Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale.
IMG_3094 (2)
Detail of the landscape photo above.
Bay of Silence, 20″ x 20″.
Seashell and Fruits, 10″ x 16″.
Woman and Red Birds, 15″ x 10″.
Version 2
Detail of the sleeve in the above portrait.
Garden with Blooming Tree, 24″ x 28″.
Woman in Blue, 12″ x 9″.
Summer and Butterfly, 22″ x 28″.
Old Village with Red Cypress, 12″ x 15″.
By the Red Tree, 20″ x 26″.
Woman with Orange, 16″ x 12″.
Improvisation with Yellow, 10″ x 8″.
Lonely Cloud in the Afternoon, 20″ x 30″.
Fishing Boat by the Old Village, 16″ x 20″.
Rainbow, 8″ x 10.5.
Garden with Blue Tree, 40″ x 52″.

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